This is a storm.. fat droplets of rain soaking into Earth’s socks

a breeze of oddities and a shape in a cage with imploding extremities

the pandemonium that is audible and visible and tactile

let the oceans wash up on this one pointed shore

chaos that sprung from some laid back fetuses

with the creativity of super Nature in their every pore

This air that is jostling spice and decay

I sat under a tree and looked up at you

somewhere amidst the scenic sway

you showed me India, I thought I knew

But how did you ever make her so loud?

How did you make her crooked legs walk so proud?

And Cow,

a shabby torn blanket was tossed over your pious bones

you walk like a shepherd, but you’re no more than a dysfunctional traffic cone.


Humanity spread

A slab of mall with a sprinkle of rules

on bread.


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