a muster of sound through the cracks of the wall

the bus deteriorating in the back of the room

a fog rose up before our splintered lids

and they opened to vaporize

you talk

you continue to talk

rambling like a roll of toilet-paper

the smell as foul as the colorful bad breaths of all the deranged

they breath insanity, and it smells like rotting wood

excuse me but your mouth is eroding my attention span


you talk,

your mouth is a cave of words so alone

they have to multiply with each other for warmth

a flourish of vines through the shocks of crack in your skull

a dent in your terms of reality


I ate them just as you did

And here I am. I am sane


A forest for spiking the truths in our brains

A lake to dip in our worldly remains


I’d spin for a trimming of ethereal glands

But the wetness of nature has wrinkled my hands


Tomorrow I’ll trundle myself in the winds

And blast out like a web, to foreshadow my tact

Squint, ocean room, for a taste of pulp

And I’ll breathe you in till my ribs have collapsed


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